Friday, February 15, 2013

9-3-12                  Tucumán   Argentina


At church yesterday Rocio brought even more of her friends and they all got up to say thank you for a few things like their families at the testimony meeting! It was really cool. Before that though when they got to church there was not a single sister. So they went to a room and set it up and Rocio said she was going to teach her friend out of the principles of the gospel book. Then a sister came who is reactivating and got to be with them. In her testimony she said that she hadn’t had the opportunity to have daughters but that she felt God was giving her a different opportunity. I bet she will get the calling to be the young women’s president. At least I hope so.

We found a couple other families we will be teaching so I am super excited for that! I don’t have any more time though so I’ll write more next week.

Oh I got to bleed some brakes on a three wheel motorcycle with a little pickup bed on the back. They are really common here and you might find some pictures if you look for "motocarro". The brother didn’t know why his new brakes gave out on him. He had just had the cylinders replaced. He wasn’t going to go with us to an appointment but then after we helped show him how to bleed his brakes he decided to come with us! The jack fell out while we were doing it and I should have looked how he had it before cause it was pretty ridiculous. It hit my shoulder but didn’t go down too far so it only bruised it.

Well now I really have to go! Love you all!

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