Sunday, February 3, 2013

7-30-12               Tucumán   Argentina

Hi mom!

On Monday I have my next transfer. I feel like I will stay here but I really don’t know...

Alot of people have been getting the stomach flu here. Other members on the same day didn’t come because of it. But they weren’t anywhere near us eating. They said it must be in the wind... we are a little more careful about using the hand sanitizer now.

I love the pictures! Thank you so much!

So this week was really good. Busy the way it should be.

I forgot to tell you we had a baptism last week and another one this week. They were both very nice.

One was an 11 year old girl who is the sister of another girl who loves going to church but just cant get her husband to take a morning off work to go do the marriage papers and blood test. The mom of Rocio (who got baptized) never showed much interest but she came to the baptism and really liked it. She too needs to get married. She wants to so now we have to get on them to get it done too.

 This weekend was the baptism of a kid who is 16 years old and has some mental progression difficulties. He is a great kid and very funny but just learning is harder. His mom and brother got baptized in December I think and the new stake president told us he felt he was able to get baptized if he understands the basic doctrine. He has wanted to pass sacrament for ever so now he will receive the priesthood and pass next week. He also wanted to be baptized really badly. He understood why and it was a fun experience teaching him. They are such a great family. She (the mom) was one taking DE and loving it. She had lower back pains that went away when she was taking them. She needs more and would like to do the liver cleanse too.

We got a reference to a girl who is studying here and her family lives in Jujuy and is pretty bored because she has no friends. She went to a church activity with one of her friends and really like it and the missionaries there passed her on to us. She lives a few blocks away from a great family (one of the strongest I have met in the mission). We took one of their kids and his cousin with us to her house due to lack of time and had a great lesson. The next night (last night) she came over to their house and everyone participated. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have had in the mission. I have always wanted to bring the investigators to active members houses but they never live close or couldn’t leave the house or something. She will go to their family home evening tonight. The parents even walked her home last night after the lesson. It was so cool. It was the most ideal way of teaching someone. She already highly respected the kids for their testimonies the first night and now from the whole family. It made me think about us and some of the families we know. I think we just need to be a little more urgent and diligent in inviting.

This lady even said she feels like she is missing something in her life and that she feels like she is finding it. Roxana is her name for future updates.

Well I better get going. We have to go do alot still today!

I love you all and hope everything is going great!!!

Love, Alex




Here is a service project we did last Saturday too. I forgot to tell about that. We just helped the young men’s president put it in. He will do a thin layer of that and put tile on. Everything is done different here but it was easy to get the hang of it and it brought back memories of working on the house! I am grateful for cement trucks! hahaha

Love you all!


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