Saturday, February 2, 2013

6-4-12                  Tucumán   Argentina


Hi mom

So I forgot to tell you last week that we went to an exhibit in our area on Monday of the human body. It’s the muscles and body parts that you can go look at and see how everything works! It was really cool and they had alot of different parts taken out so you could see how it all goes together. They are real bodies and all real parts! I guess it’s way bigger in the states with way more to see. It was really cool though.

Today a member who has a taxi took us up to San Javier (mountain) where the big statue of Christ is. It was a very long trip but we were way up there and it was really cold. At least from what I am used to down below.

It was a tiny little road and the buildings up there were all super rich people’s houses except for their gardeners. There is a picture of a church that looks really European because the people who live up there came from Europe. There is also a picture of a hotel up there too.

Too bad it wasn’t clear but it was a good trip anyways. Pretty much the first real touristy trip I have done here.

This week I had to go to Salta to do the first part of my visa renewal. I have been illegal for a couple months. I have to go back again in 2 weeks to finish the papers. It’s about 4 hours by bus so not too bad. Time to take a nap and catch up on sleep. When we got to Salta in the night I didn’t see it but the next day going back I saw that the normal parking for the buses in Salta was caved into the river bed below. The whole road and parking lot right there was all caved in about 15 feet or so from what I could tell.

We are in the process of dropping alot of our investigators to find new ones who have a bigger interest because they aren’t going to church right now. We have a couple that go but they have other things keeping them from progressing. We found a couple new families but it looks like only one is going to progress. It’s about 1 in 20 that we find get baptized but it varies on the companionship. We are trying to work with the members more to get them to give us references because that is the most successful way. Especially if they come introduce us.

Oh I got the package when I was in Salta. They had just got it that day. Not too bad for time! Those are the fastest ones to get here. The envelopes.

Well I love you all and hope everything is going good!

Love, Alex

Say hi to everyone.

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