Friday, February 15, 2013

9-24-12      Salta   Argentina


Wow! We are swamped in the work here! I am in a ward that is alot more organized than any I have been in and it’s a blessing because we have sooo much to do! My companion and I are the zone leaders here and I really didn't think I was ready but I realized I have to bump up to the task. Alot of today was used to prepare for our zone conference tomorrow. We also have so many people to teach that we asked for two mini missionaries. They are going to be with us tomorrow and I barely know my new area! Mini missionaries are so we can be in divisions constantly to teach everyone.

We had two people get baptized who are so great. They are brother and sister, and a friend of theirs brought us to their house. I have a feeling the family will shortly be baptized too.

I forgot my camera card today but I will try next week. We will be moving sometime to a different apartment. Well I love you all so much and forgive me for not writing any letters. It’s next to impossible with all that is going on.



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