Saturday, February 2, 2013

7-2-12                  Tucumán   Argentina

We found this girl who was a reference because she has a tumor in the uterus. She has had it for several months now and I guess she got a job and stuff to get her mind off the fact that she might be dying soon. There is a family member who died two years ago only a few months after discovering the cancer there...  it's super sad but she is super interested in the church. I think she has to get married. She has a 2 year old kid too. She might be in her 20`s. Another lady we know as a reference is going through chemo therapy... she’s almost done.

So the Balderrama family (brother of Isabel) just baptized their 8 year old on Sunday during our second church meeting during the evening.

You don’t have to take up room in the package for socks because I am just folding the backs under my heel and don’t even notice it. Twice the life in each sock! haha. I also have a friend who said he has so many socks because his mom sends him some in every package and will give me some.

Samir, the little kid with asthma and a cough all the time coughs up what his mom says are egg pouches of something because they are little bag like things filled... that kind of freaked me out.

Love, Alex

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