Friday, February 15, 2013

9-10-12               Tucumán   Argentina


So this week was really cool! We got to see the rededication of the temple in Buenos Aires! We watched it on the big screen at church Sunday morning and a second session right after for those who couldn’t in the morning. There were a couple different talks in the two sessions but the first was super good! One of my favorite 70´s (Arnold) was there and gave a wonderful talk. Elders Ballard and Christofferson of the 12 were there and along with President Eyring. They all spoke and it was really good.

A couple things I learned was that in life we are to figure what’s important and what’s not really that important and put the important first.

The temple recommend is like oil in our lamps and we need to always be prepared.

Pres. Monson dedicated the temple in B.A. when it first opened in 88(?) and it was the 39th temple. Now the Brigham City temple being dedicated in two weeks will be the 139 temple!

There is no sacrifice too big or pain too great to receive the blessings of the temple.

It is now the biggest temple in South America and by seeing the pictures it looked like a beautiful temple.

We also watched the temple celebration which is a cultural event and has a lot of different types of the local dances done by youth in the church. It was really cool and two of our investigators went and really liked it too. Pres Eyring and the two apostles shared their testimonies and blessings with everyone here and it was really spiritual for the investigators!

All of it made me want to go to the temple really bad but I will use that energy to get the members there that need to go from the branches I am in. In one week we have exchanges but you can send anything to me still. I will get it to those that need it.

All of a sudden I am finding tons of people with kidney problems... I am wondering if the translation of the roots and weeds that are in the bag are what they are called in Spanish or just names translated literally. Maybe you could look on the internet to find a correct translation. I’ll see if anyone knows here.
It came to my mind that maybe I am supposed to do all I can to share the information with those in need of it since the opportunities are coming up so often. I have thought that maybe it would be easier to come back with the information prepared and do some classes on it in the chapels. Who knows? haha

I will get the package on Tuesday of this week so don’t worry - it's here.



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