Friday, February 15, 2013

10-22-12    Salta   Argentina



Wow! the weeks just go faster and faster. This week has been trying but very interesting and has built up my ability to identify the spirit and search for the spirit in the different activities that we do. Sometimes we study but don’t feel too much and so we have to search and desire the spirit with all our hearts for the benefit of the Lord’s work.

So the two sister missionaries left with short notice to a different area so we have to take over their area and investigators until the president puts two more elders in the area. It will be a challenge but I have a feeling that we will be in divisions all this week with members.

 We have two people to prepare for baptism and one we don’t know aside from seeing and talking to her in church briefly. The president told us to look for an apartment for 4 missionaries - that’s why we know he will be putting two elders in. It’s really exciting because the ward we are in should be splitting in December and the stake will also split if things go as planned. Then the area will ask for a temple here! I am so excited for the mission in the next few years! It’s so exciting to see the growth that is happening.

 We found a wonderful family because a member who is 18 years old said, when I asked if he had any friends nearby to visit when our appointments failed us, that he always wanted to knock the door of a certain house. It happened to be his friend and so we talked and he went to a church activity and then on Saturday went to a soccer activity and came to church Sunday. His brother is a member in southern Argentina. He doesn’t know much about the church but has a sincere desire to learn more. We also received the mom of this kid as a reference from a member not knowing they were family because she wasn’t at home when we went to talk to the kid the first time. We contacted the mom at her vegetable stand where the sister had told us she is always working. My companion did that the day after I went to the house. Then walking past the stand the next day the kid (Fernando) was showing up to talk to her. We could feel that the Lord was sending us there and that it was no coincidence.

Well we have to go! There is so much to do! I love you all!!!!!!!



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