Sunday, February 3, 2013

7-16-12               Tucumán   Argentina


On Monday I went to do divisions with the zone leaders and it really helped me out with my vision of what’s possible! We then had a zone conference right after that for most of one day and it even boosted my vision and excitement more! Then I found out I had to go back to Salta to sign a paper for my visa... that wasn’t the most productive time but I got back 24 hours later and started working and felt really good! Our president has really changed the mission for the better. He teaches so well with the spirit that you leave the zone conferences so excited to change anything that needs to be changed and do the very best you can. The mission is now the highest baptizing mission in Argentina but we aren’t quite reaching the goals which seem pretty low for what we believe we could be doing. There will always be room for improvement. I feel good about the things my companion and I are changing in order to reach our goals for the months.

We are working even more with members in order to teach all of the people we have to get to and the two different areas we have to work in and it’s really giving them excitement to keep working with us. I gave a talk on exaltation which also boosted my excitement. I felt at first like I was already burdened with a ton but then a split second later I knew that it was an opportunity to serve the branch president especially since it was a last minute thing Saturday evening. I had called to see if he could do divisions and ended up with the talk and finding someone else. haha. I guess he hurt his back and has no idea how.

One of the branch meetings had 37 people in it which was a nice bump from the average of 23 last month.
Saturday night we were not finding the people we had appointments with and when I was ready to ask myself what to do because our backup plans had all failed too I saw an old guy standing by his fence and asked if we could chat with him for a little bit. He ended up accepting a baptism date and wanted to go to church the next morning. I was skeptical that he was just saying things like alot do but I had a special feeling to stop by in the morning and he happened to be waiting. He is older and looked like he might have difficulties walking but he walked faster then most of the members we go out with! He stayed for the three hours and had a wonderful time. A less active member who we brought decided by himself to sit by him and walk home with him and invite him to eat lunch with us in his house on Tuesday! I was truly grateful and still am for another miracle among many others this week.

Well I love you all and I know that doing the Lord’s work brings the true happiness that one is looking for. Are you studying the George Albert Smith book there? We just finished the 3 chapters talking about missionary work and it was really really good! I can’t wait to read those when I get home because here we don’t have quite enough time.

Reading the Book of Mormon this week has been really fun. I have been trying to search it more diligently than just reading and I don’t have time to go off on different paths in my studies but it’s still great. I feel that it brings more power in our lessons due to having more of the spirit. It’s been a really good learning week. Now I just have to work on keeping the things applied and not forgetting them or slacking. Diligence is key!

Love, Alex

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