Friday, February 15, 2013

10-1-12      Salta   Argentina



I am just getting to know the members here and don’t really have a relationship with them yet because there are about 120 -130 actives! Lots more than I am used to. We have alot more lunches with less actives and recent converts here because our mission leader organizes the lunches.

This week was an amazing week! At the beginning we were a little worried about the people who we were preparing to baptize - that they would need more time. We didn’t find them until Tuesday or Wednesday. The father of three kids is preparing to baptize his kids but needs to get active again. He is close but wasn’t ready for this week. He seemed ready on Thursday but Friday didn’t show up and Saturday we didn’t find him before the baptism.

The other lady had a testimony and her interview a few weeks ago but kept putting up doubts. Every time we saw her this week she said she didn’t want to listen to us any more. We always got into the house to talk about it and she would say no no no to baptism. This went on until Friday night when we had a very spiritual lesson with her - but she was still not wanting to do it. We had ended a fast Friday afternoon which was the key along with fervent prayer. Saturday we did divisions and my companion went to see if she was going to come that night to the baptism. He didn’t insist like he was doing before but just talked to her. After the prayer my companion told her that she hadn’t said if she was going to get baptized that evening or not and she said she was going to do it!

We stopped by to go to the chapel with her to see if anything had changed her mind or if she was just saying it to get us out of her house and she was all ready to go and excited.

Friday night we were just praying that she would feel the spirit and that it could work in her and that she could have the desire to get baptized and knew that was the only way it would happen. After her baptism and confirmation on Sunday she looked like a different person! It was truly a miracle! Her 8 year-old daughter got baptized at the same time. I don’t have the pictures yet but I will send them when I get it from the bishop. We didn’t have our cameras with us.

I have to get going. We still only have one mini and aren’t moved out yet. We should be moving this week some time. We will be right by the chapel in our area. It will be really nice.

I love you all and thank you for everything.


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