Friday, February 15, 2013

8-6-12                  Tucumán   Argentina


So I survived transfers without getting moved or a change in companions. Elder Fox and I have been together for 24 weeks now and will have thirty at the end of this transfer. There will be alot of changes in the mission (companions in the next transfer because I guess there are about 20 missionaries waiting for visas and a group leaving and coming of about 20!) So I am guessing that is when the area that I am in gets split, putting two more missionaries here since we have two branches we are working with. Then each branch would have their own set of missionaries. So I might stay in one of the areas next transfer. Who knows?
I am excited though!

We will now have a Latino in our apartment because Elder Ricks is getting a new companion today.

We had another baptism this weekend and the other two areas in my district did too! It was a busy but exciting weekend.
Sunday afternoon and evening my legs have never felt so heavy! I never thought preparing people for baptisms could be so tiring haha.

The Buenos Aires temple will be reopening soon. I saw the pictures of the remodel and it is beautiful! Everyone should take a look. in the newsroom link.

We are still teaching Roxana the golden investigator! Her family came into town unexpectedly for her birthday and so she missed church again but she told the family all about the Book of Mormon and they all want to come to church the next time they are in town. There is no branch or church near to where the family is living but they can still figure something out. We are still teaching her with the active family and she loves it. We talked alot about prayer last night and she will pray about the Book of Mormon now. We don’t meet with her often because of her work and studies. But she said she has noticed a huge difference in peace and lack of nervousness in her studies and tests.

Well I have to get going! I love you all!



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