Friday, February 15, 2013

8-27-12               Tucumán   Argentina

So I got one of the packages... the other one should be in the offices still. Someone forgot to load it into the president’s car or something when he came out here to Tucumán from Salta. I got the package that had the pork jerky and oregano and peppermint and gum. The oregano broke this time but the peppermint survived. The paper you had written out got soaked and the ink disappeared from the paper. I am guessing it was telling me the mixture of the oregano and peppermint. The plastic got poked by the glass parts and so everything had oregano. It smelled good wherever it went so that’s good. haha It didn’t ruin anything at all but the gum has a little oregano flavor hint to it. haha

I don’t know if I told you before but after my last companion showed me how, I have been directing the hymns in sacrament meeting for one of the branches. I don’t always know how but I do the best I can. It’s a little difficult sometimes since there is no piano. I have taken on a whole new interest for music. I would really love to learn the piano which I wanted to do before I left but never put too much thought into it. That and guitar is my goal for after the mission.

The last few days it has been overcast and super cold!!! I say super cold but I doubt it dropped below 40F. I really have no idea judging the temperature now. It’s sunny again today but the evening will be cooler.
We lost contact with a couple people we were preparing for baptism so we are in the search still. They don’t have cell phones and aren’t ever where the family says they are. I am sure we will find them and things will work out though. Rocio, the recent convert (12 years old) invited 2 new friends to church today and they were all cleaning the chapel and class rooms since they got there early. They are all very excited but we still don’t have a young women’s president or teacher. One sister got there and the president asked her to take charge of them since no one was there to go to relief society. I never thought I would see a branch with more elders and young men coming then young women! It should be easier to fill in the other half now!

I will look today again for the recipe but could you send me the apple cake and cobbler recipes? And if you can the chocolate chip recipe from Lois Deyo.

Well I have to get going.
I love you all and thank you for everything!


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