Friday, February 15, 2013

8-13-12               Tucumán   Argentina


First I will try to answer your questions.

The thing my companion is pointing to on the wall is where a water shut off handle broke off... yes water was spraying out until we figured out how to shut it off with the same broken handle. The pipe and nozzle are in the wall so the tile has to be cut and the wall chipped away to replace it... when the houses are built they don’t think too much about repairs until they have to here haha.

This week we had another baptism but Sunday, he didn’t show up to church. His dad who is inactive came to the baptism but didn’t bring his son the next day to church. David is the kid’s name and he was so short I had to duck down to let him hold my arm. The water only was up to my knees too. I guess I could have just knelt in the font but it worked out fine. He is a really good kid and loves church. He has been reading all the little books for the lessons we taught him and always says a great prayer. Still has the energy of a nine year old but I am sure I was about the same.

The little old man is Hugo. He got baptized last week. He is always at church early waiting for everyone else to get there. We are trying to teach him how to read but it’s a slow process. We are hoping that maybe someone from the branch can help him out with that. A friend he met at church also doesn’t know how to read but his wife always read to him. It would be good if they both learned how.

The weather seems to be warming up a little bit now. I think it is the elevation that makes it so cold. A few months ago when we went up the mountain near here it was really cold and its not that much higher. I never saw snow on it though this year. It hasn’t rained for weeks so the roads and everything are really dusty.

We helped a member put up a chain link fence. It involved a little welding on his part. I said I didn’t really know how to weld but after seeing how he was doing it... I could have done it just fine haha. Everything is just to get by here. He is a really cool member who is about 25 years old married with two kids. They come every once in a while to church so we are working with them on that.

We had branch conference for one of the branches and the stake presidency came. It was really good but the stake president only had about 5 minutes to talk at the end of it... we had a ward council afterwards that I know will really help the members when we have ward council other times. Before, I don’t think anyone knew how to have one. We got by but now it should be better.

I made cornbread again today! It was really good. I think I will make it more often. It’s simple and everyone likes it. It’s different then banana bread too.

Well I have to get going! I love you all!



Missionary work is hard on the socks and shoes!!!!


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