Friday, February 15, 2013

8-20-12               Tucumán   Argentina



One thing I have been learning here in the mission is persistence. Over and over again we try to get members, less actives, and investigators to church but time and time again they don’t come. When one family quits listening to us we go find two more! This week we confirmed the kid that didn’t get confirmed last week and his dad came for the last half of sacrament meeting which is a step with him.

Rocio, the little girl who got baptized the 21 of June brought 2 cousins to church and was asking if the stake Young Womens president was coming to work on the personal progress with them. Hardly anyone came for the classes so they were with us but I am learning how to adapt the class for younger kids too. It’s really tricky but something that will just keep taking practice.

An older gentleman came to church who we have been teaching for two weeks but he cannot see very well. We have to get a bigger book for him until he can get a new pair of glasses. He really liked church though! He feels alot better after learning how to pray the way we do.

Roxana came to church again and we left a Word of Wisdom booklet with her and she said she is buying more vegetables now! haha Didn’t have any other problems except tea because it’s the cheapest thing here. She will quit that right now though. She is reading and liking the Book of Mormon more and more. We are still teaching her in the house of some members who are active but sometimes don’t come to church because they all sleep in. haha Not the best example for Roxana but she still goes.

This week we talked to this guy that works in a mine. I might have told you about him but if not he is the one that grew up in the Jehovah Witness church. He had read more, but not as much as we were hoping. At one point though when I bore my testimony he told me that he could feel the love I have for the Book of Mormon and what we are teaching. He said he liked how we are always honest and sincere when we don’t know something. It made me feel like something in my patriarchal blessing was being fulfilled. Speaking of which, I will look again in my stuff but I can’t find my backup copy. I know it’s in there just mixed in with all the other stuff. I lost my original because it was in my Bible when it got stolen. Speaking of which, I might be getting my Bible back. I always ask the kids on the corner who know the kids who stole my stuff and they have told me several times that one of the kids has it in his house. When we talked to them about the Word of Wisdom he seemed like the most receptive but we didn’t pursue it much with him because he wasn’t there when we had planned to see him. So now we will go back and talk to him and see if I can’t trade it for a Book of Mormon :)

Well I have to get going. I love you all!


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