Saturday, February 2, 2013

6-11-12      Tucumán   Argentina

Hi mom!

We are going to print out a big map of our area today so we can start organizing groups to teach throughout our area. If you read in Mosiah 25:15 it is how they taught on their missions. Where I last was, we had started it but it was just getting going so I didn't see much happen but I could tell it would work and now in those areas they are baptizing more than one every week! It worked well in the last area because alot of willing active members and recent converts were living close by so we would find new people while teaching them. In this area everything is a little more spread apart but now the plans for starting the groups to teach are a little more refined. The president is always talking with other missionaries and putting together plans and guides for us to try out in our areas. It’s different in every area but we just have to learn how to use our minds and listen to the spirit and rely on the spirit to help us out more. The map will be about 4 or 5 feet wide if we can get it that big. Then we will pin names on it where people (investigators, active, inactive members, and recent converts) live. It will be fun once it’s done.

If everyone in the mission starts doing it we will all go to new areas but which are fairly well organized. It took about 3 months for the area that is having the best success at it. But it’s refined now so when we get it going we should start seeing better results. That one area is baptizing about 1-2 every week but the last few have had 5 to 7! The faster we accept the changes which are sometimes hard for people to make in the mission the faster we have results.

We had a few investigators in church this week so that was really nice after letting go of alot of our old investigators. They just weren't progressing and we had to move on. It’s always hard but it’s got to be done. One of the people came to church with her little sister but her boyfriend didn't come. We have to talk to them about marriage because I just found out they were back together. It’s the best way because they have two kids. She is excited to get baptized and had a date for the 23rd of June which could still happen since a member knows a guy that can get people married in a few days! Normally you have to wait a month or more...

The transfer is already coming to an end and it is so crazy because it’s going by so fast. I guess we still have two weeks left but that's nothing for how fast it goes by here. I have to go to other areas to do divisions now too so it just makes the weeks go by super fast. I might have to go back to Salta to do more paperwork stuff for the visa next week too so that will only add to the small amount of time.

Well I will send this one off and see what just came in. I love you all and everyone is so grateful for your knowledge of the herbs. I will try to get pictures with more of the families I am working with here than I have before so that you can see who they are! I feel bad about not having too many pictures but it’s also hard to get them because it’s bad to carry that stuff around. The two other missionaries who live with us got felt up by a group of guys wanting to rob them but they didn't bother looking in their bags and that's where their cell phone was. They just felt all their pockets and then the missionaries tried to get away from them as fast as they could.


Love Alex

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