Tuesday, December 11, 2012

May 7, 2012       Tucumán   Argentina

You might have an email in Spanish from a family here who would like to learn about the liver cleanse. They have a brother who has epilepsy and all the meds he has to take have been killing his liver over time. I think only a percentage is working now. They are also interested in parasite herbs and what not and are a bit more capable of looking around for the stuff then the other family. I will try to see if they can find a place to get some of the products. The sister who will be writing you is Marcela Balderrama (bucket branch ha ha I find it funny but they find mine funny so it’s OK). They are such a wonderful family! And treat us so good! She makes salad and desserts to go along with the lunch.

The little kid who had the spots like zits is looking really good. He has been taking DE and says it tastes really good! haha. The family of Jose always gives us fruits and stuff to take since they have a little fruit and veggie store at their house. We left their house and this time she had a couple kiwis and mandarins since they are starting to come out again along with apples and oranges. We went to the family of where the little kid is and since we had so much and it was fast Sunday and we start Saturday after lunch we decided to just leave it all with them after eating a mandarin. The little kid had never had kiwi and I have never seen fruit in their house. In fact they are fortunate to have dinner or lunch aside from bread and mate (a tea that everyone drinks here. it smells like teas you would make and strain in a jar). He was super happy and loved the fruit! The parents did too. She works for a lady every once in awhile cleaning her house from 7 in the morning to 5 in the evening and gets 15 to 20 pesos. Enough to make noodles and sauce for the three of them... It’s amazing to see how little people have here. She is waiting for a member to put together a little BBQ thing so she can cook a type of bread in it to sell in the street. She wants to work but has very few options. Her husband gathers recycle to sell to the different places that take it but he might get 40 pesos every month from that. He goes and does other stuff when can too but not too often.

In the stores here everything is going up in price almost weekly. It’s crazy! Things are a few more pesos now than 3 months ago...

The guy that had his hand cut its doing great! I was amazed that a few days after I gave him the oregano it was not swollen and was looking really good! He was really grateful and is now back together with his girlfriend and daughter so we are going to try and get them married now. I had him taking golden seal too because I think you said that was for infections(Q)

This week was a hard one because my comp went to Salta to do some papers and I had to get a member to be with me for one day. Between two members I was able to visit some families. Tuesday was a holiday so they made Monday one also... when we went out looking for new people everyone wanted us to come in because they want to quit drinking or smoking... we don't go in if they are drunk and so when we came back to see them the next day none wanted anything to do with us... lot of wasted time or so it seemed. Every block we passed music was blasting out of the houses. Alot of them have their huge speakers outside right next to the table where they are eating and "visiting". It was like that since Friday night since it was a long weekend.

This guy in a car stopped us in the street saying "man you guys look American!" haha he was born here but at 5 years old moved to Utah with his family and got married there and now 8 months ago he moved back here. Being that his whole body was covered in tattoos I had to ask if he was going to church and he said that he was inactive and loved the lifestyle here! He lives in our area and is a really nice guy so we might see if there is something we can do.

Well I better get going.

I love you all thank you so much for everything!



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