Tuesday, December 11, 2012

April 16, 2012               Tucumán   Argentina

I gave some oregano oil to a guy who was coming back to church then got in a fight with his brother who lives on the same property for selling drugs there. He blocked his face with his arm from a blow with a machete and got hit in the wrist. He cleaned it out and super glued it shut and it’s kind of swollen and so I told him to put it on there a couple times a day. His wife who was investigating the church with his daughter and soon to be born kid left him because of the problems at the house. It’s really sad because he needs her support - just getting out of jail for two years and trying to change his life. The night we came (after that happened) he had started smoking. He had gone to church the week before and sees that Satan is trying to get in the way and knows he needs to keep going but says it’s so hard. It really hurts to see these things happening because if they could get out of the hole they are in they would be great members in the church. The brother who hit him had come to church a few weeks ago with his member girlfriend and 2 year old kid and wanted to change his life around but couldn't find work and so he started drinking and selling drugs again. We kept trying to help him and he loved reading the scriptures with us and with his girlfriend when we weren't there. They were doing really well and then he felt bad because he didn't have much of anything for his family to eat. We do what we can with the ward to help them out but the church wants them to become self sufficient. So we leave that in their hands. The problem is that alot of the members are barely getting by and are working alot of hours. It just makes you want to give what you have but we can’t do that either. 

A family finally came to church who live a ways away and who have wanted to get baptized for months now. She told everyone in church that she only has two times to come to church then she can get baptized! She asked to say the last prayer in the class which was really full - the Sunday with less actives and investigators. It was a great feeling after having one of the toughest weeks ever. We had less than half of the lessons we should have this past week. We just had the hardest time getting in to teach. The one lesson we had Sunday lifted us up alot too. It was after 6 hours of church because the members that were going to help us out didn't come to do divisions again and since we don't have any minutes on the phone we couldn't get anyone else to come. So we talked to a few people after church at 8:30 about coming over because they have spirits bothering their kid and want someone to give him a blessing and dedicate the home even though they have the priesthood. We have to talk to some of our leaders about it first to see what we can do. After we talked to them we ran over to an investigator with very little time who had come to church earlier in the morning. His sister sat down to listen and is excited and is 9 years old. The kid we are teaching there is 19 with a little daughter and a girlfriend who doesn't want to listen yet. He still wants to come and keep learning though. He has been reading for the last 3 days consistently now and said he feels amazing and loves the book of Mormon. I asked him if he had prayed to ask if it is true and he said "I pray before I read like you told me every time but I haven't ever asked to know if its true. But I don't have any doubts that it is true." My companion asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and he said "FOR SURE!" He is not married and we have yet to talk to him about it but with the excitement he had he should be able to pray about it and change that. 

Ya trying to picture it here would be difficult but here in this part alot of people have grass and roses and stuff in their yards but in the really poor places not so much. It’s weird because you get people with money living right between the others and some how it just all fits in.

A missionary tossed out a peanut butter jar his family sent him and I grabbed it and cleaned it out since he didn't. It was pretty tasty but it might be hard to fit in the package. I’d rather you just send the DE and ww and stuff for the people here. I don't have too long till I’ll be able to eat it haha.

Time is just flying by. I am already starting my third week with my new companion and we keep learning alot. He is so positive all the time even though he is super tired. He gets lots of compliments on his Spanish which is good. Whatever he says people understand him because he pronounces clearly.

We are trying different ways to get to less-actives here and one way which worked was to help them start their family history. They came to church and are excited to prepare themselves to go to the temple to do the work for their ancestors. It really brings the spirit into their lives and gives them strength to keep going. It also helps us understand how merciful our heavenly father is for all of his children.

I know this church is true and one can know for sure if they read the book of Mormon and pray about it.

I love you all so much! Take care!


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