Tuesday, December 11, 2012

May 14, 2012     Tucumán   Argentina


Well it was great talking to you! After leaving and heading to lunch some little kids thought it would be funny to shoot us with slingshots. They all missed but came pretty close! I turned around and started walking towards them and the little one started running off. Right on the other side of the street the parents and tons of other people were having a huge party (normal Saturday). One older kid walking by them told them to knock it off so we left. We had a huge lunch! It was so good. I found out she has a bad tooth ache that she gets injections every 6 hours for to ease the pain and so I gave her the oregano oil I had with me so she could try it. She is super excited to give it a try. She also wants to do the liver cleanse and anything else she can. Sounds like we might have to put together a book when I get home for them down here! There are lots of people interested in it all.

So when I got to my computer there was a dog under the desk! He just stayed there for a bit and got up and went to a different desk... only in Argentina! haha

Well I love you!


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