Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 10, 2011  Tartagal   Argentina

Hola Familia! ¿Como andan?

They use that alot here instead of como estan. They actually use them both about half and half.
I will be excited to keep speaking Spanish with everyone that wants to when I get home! I was reading the German Ensign magazine and I have forgotten how to pronounce things... I really don't want that happening with my Spanish!

I would say in learning Spanish you need to listen to it as much as possible so just start throwing in the cd's even if you don't know what they mean. Listen, listen, and listen, to get the sounds in your head. Learn how to read Spanish because that will help you pick out words.

So this week was really cool! As in great, not cold... ha ha. It was so hot out! It hit 45 C  (113 F!!!) which I think is up there anyways! Yesterday it was actually too cold for a short sleeve shirt and now today it’s back in the mid to upper 30s! On Saturday we had a baptismal service for two of our investigators and 5 from the area next to us that use the same church building! The two that got baptized were Norma and Melina.  It was so nice! We had an investigator there who is really excited! The only thing is she works Sundays. She goes by Cele because her name is really long and I forgot it... oh here it is, Seledonia. Getting used to hearing all new names is hard but I always try to write them down and that helps alot! 

Well today is another vacation day for everyone here so alot of the internet places were closed and the ones that were open were packed... had to come back later to get in and so I just got a few pictures ready to send and the email will have to be short. Next week!  

Oh, so we were walking and some random kid threw a rock a little bigger than a golf ball at us and we didn't see him throw it so it passed my face and hit my companion in the belt! The Lord is definitely protecting us! We had passed them and were almost through the intersection (dirt road of course) and it came out of nowhere. It didn't hurt my comp and he didn't even really realize what happened because the belt just took the brunt of the hit. I guess when Argentina lost against Germany in soccer a year ago my companion got hit in the butt from a slingshot but his notebook was in his pocket so it didn't hurt. His companion at the time got hit in the belt right after! They thought we were Germans. But we aren't sure why they threw the rock at us the other day. The nice thing is that I have never been afraid of anything happening because I know that we are on the Lord's side! 

My companion goes home in one week!  

I love you all and thank you for the emails! I will read them this week and respond next week! 

Love you all!!!


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