Monday, October 3, 2011

July 11, 2011  Salta Argentina
 I have been eating oatmeal with vanilla, cinnamon, and a banana and a little milk  and it hasn't gotten old. I sometimes have cornmeal or cracked wheat but mostly oatmeal. I love that stuff! I made a double batch of cookies today... I think it will be like 80 or something when I am done... the dough is in the fridge. with only one big cookie sheet it's hard to do it fast but everyone likes them. They are good treats for the members when they come with us and help us out.
I learned alot this week on listening to the spirit. We have been starting to sing more when we enter homes to teach and it seems to be really helping! One night this week, we both were thinking we should start with a hymn in this one home but neither of us brought it up. So afterwards, we learned we had each been thinking the same thing and realized it was actually the spirit and that things would have gone better if we did what it told us. Sometimes it's hard to tell, but we are always learning. Whenever it tell us both the same thing you know for sure it's the spirit! Such an amazing gift! But it takes time to learn how to listen. Everything is usually good but what decision is the best?... anyways they were good experiences and my comp who is going home in September is still learning alot. He is always asking how we can make things even better and it has really paid off. We are always thinking about how we can do better and we have been finding out! He has been such a great example to me in everything! He has trained 2 people which says alot because it takes alot of patience and love - which he has.
I have to get going but I love you all very much! Thank you Ruth and Paul for the email! it's great to hear from you guys!
Love, Alex

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