Monday, October 3, 2011

Aug 8, 2011   Salta Argentina


One thing I have been trying to work on is how I react to different situations here in every aspect of the mission... I have a hard time but I am really focusing on it alot. We have appointments fail so many times I think if I made three for one time I might get lucky and have one of them be there. We just have to keep going and learn what we can from it. My companion has been a great example for me in his patience with the people but he has been here for 2 years! He is surprised though, with how many do fall through. We are trying to do everything we can but sometimes it feels like we have tried everything. There were more members – some less-active and investigators at church this week so that was a blessing. We are trying some new stuff at ward council to get more help with the work so we will see how that turns out. We have a wonderful bishop and counselor. Our elders quorum president was released due to alot of work and not making it there most of the time. We are teaching his wife now after 6 years of the missionaries trying to even talk to her! It’s turning out well but slow which is fine. Everybody goes at different paces.

 It’s my companion's birthday today! He turned 21 so we made hamburgers hoping they would take less time. But no... it was about the same after cleanup as the tacos took. We also made Joe Joes which were really good. We also made some sweet potato. Well we just cut them up and cooked them in the oven like we had at a member's house. They were good just plain with a tiny bit of butter. They have alot of different types of them here it seems like. 
Anyways we made cookies and banana bread for a Family Home Evening with a recent convert and investigator (2 families of 3) at the bishop's house. We tried to do one last week but the wife of the member didn't make it. It was good for the member though because he just came back to church after being inactive for 5 years. He’s 22 and has a 1-year old girl. He is really sharp and comes to church early and his wife (soon to be) likes church alot! He can’t wait to get sealed in the temple and has a really strong testimony! We are hoping that everyone makes it to the Family Home Evening though cause they are both new parents and excited about the church. 

Anyways... the weather has been warm here again. I think winter is coming to an end. Don’t know if I'm excited or not... ha ha. Right now it's perfect out, but still kind of hot. This area is one of the more mild areas in the mission too. There are a few areas that will be 50 Celsius and very humid!

 We found a guy who is trying to teach himself  English and German and is really interested in what we have to teach. He read the whole restoration pamphlet and we read some of the Book of Mormon together and he is very interested. The more I read the Book of Mormon, the stronger and stronger my testimony gets of it. It’s really amazing how many stories in it apply so many different ways in our lives. With all the less actives we have been teaching we are trying to use the stories and read them with them. It is really helping as long as they keep reading every day.

Well I have to go now! I love you all!
The book of Mormon IS the most perfect book in the world and will bring any person closer to Christ if read everyday.


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