Monday, April 25, 2011

First post from Argentina

Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011
We got to watch conference live here. It was from 1 to 3, 5 to7, and 9 to 11. Sunday was 1 to 3 and 5 to 7. Everything is later in Argentina. The whole country stays up late. Some people are cooking dinner at 9:30 when we go back to our appartment! I loved the talk about the currant bush. It really gave me a new perspective on why things happen even though I am learning to accept them and learn from them. One thing I learned at the MTC is if they are suppose to bring us joy in the long run why not be joyful through the trials too?... made total sense. The better I learn the Plan of Salvation, I am able to put the end picture in my head when things happen or are tough.
We were fortunate to have the priesthood session from 9 to 11 Saturday because it poured so hard during that time! After a sunny day I didn't have a coat or anything. I have only used a sweatshirt once so far. Anyways, it rained so hard the water was rushing through the streets some places as high as the curb!  When we walked home at 11 it was only sprinkling but we were still hopping puddles. made for a muddy next day! Alot of the people we are teaching are in the poorer parts on dirt roads and it gets really bad after it rains. I still haven't used the boots and probably won´t till it gets cooler because I am still cooking throughout the day. There is often times a breeze though which is a nice added blessing!
We got to our apartment after the rain and there was water all over the floor! We were looking for a leak in the ceiling but found out the water guy gave us  a bottle for a dispensor with a crack in it or the glue came off. Ha-ha! 
We are having a hard time with a few of our investigators but I have learned alot from them. For the same reason they might not be putting gospel committments in front of other things in their life is the same reason we as members might not keep our salvation and blessings of the atonement on our mind throughout the day or week. It's not always easy to keep the little  but so important things on the top of our lists in our lives (scripture reading) but those little things are what bring to pass great things! I know that's part of a scripture but I 'think of it right now... just remember what our Father in Heaven has promised us and study the plan of salvation and know that we have to do our  part. 
Trees on the sidewalks don´t get trimmed very often so I am constantly ducking them while walking down the side walks. It was only a matter of time before I walked into one of them like I did one of the members' doorways... I was looking at one of the hundreds of dogs in Salta and my companion said "cuidado!" I turned just in time to have a mouth full of leaves and a nice scratch on my forehead!
I guess it's just a normal thing to get the runs here and I got my first dose! Ha-ha! Not sure what it was from, but it was only a day.
Well, I have to go!  I love you all! I am loving it here even more!!
Elder O

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