Monday, April 25, 2011

April 18, 2011, Salta Argentina
I have an appointment really soon soo...
This week my companion (Elder serey) and I prayed really hard for new investigators and for our current ones because some are falling through for some reason or other. Anyways, we had some people just pop up out of nowhere who are really interested! One lady we were meeting with didn't seem interested but she wanted us to talk to her daughter who tried committing suicide 2 days before. I don't know the details, but she was fine. Maybe she just thought about it. We met with her and her sister at their mom's house where we were teaching. The daughter who tried or thought about killing herslf was a memeber (24yrs old)  and had been for three years. She got baptized and the ward never gave her a calling and the next missionaries never came by and weren't very nice I guess so she quit going 3 months after. She wants to change and has a daughter of her own. Her sister was never baptized before but wants to change her life to be an example for her two kids(8 and 4 yrs old). She is almost 24. She read the pamphlet on the restoration of the church and basically taught it to us the next time we met. She loved it and feels like it's true so we gave her the Book of Mormon. She didn't make it to church but that's very common. Church is at 9 and the country wakes up about 10 or 11. Ha-ha. We talked to a few more people with major issues in their lives and are feeling the spirit as we teach them. One lady who we had pray at the end of the lesson was crying when she got done beacuse she felt so good. She has had alot of negative things and people in her life and always is thinking about them. She prayed alot before we talked to her just for comfort but never felt the peace and security as she had when she prayed before we left. She had a family thing yesterday but is very excited for church next Sunday.
Another girl about 20 or so in our first meeting with her after she went to church with a friend in a different ward said she wanted to be baptized and said she thought she would like to go on a mission!  That was so out of the blue! We didn't say anything to her. She just said "I would like to do what you guys are doing and help people". 
Many of the people here are Catholic or evangelist and have some sort of belief.
Knowing and thinking of the love of Jesus and his atonment helps me ALWAYS  no matter the circumstance. It always makes me want to do better! And also just laugh when people make fun of us here, ha-ha.
Sorry, this keyboard is horrible. This internet is always full of kids playing computer games and the keyboards are all garbage ha-ha. It's better than nothing though.
People get packages here alot from the states the main no-no is electronics because of the customs charges.
Love you all! Elder O

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