Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011,  Salta Argentina
This week was really good! We had 8 people at church and 4 of them were a family who are very excited to keep learning more and are preparing to be baptized! We have had members with us almost every time we have taught at church and it has made all the difference in the world! The mom mentioned that she loves her coffee and heard we don't drink it so we taught the word of wisdom and when we  asked her to keep this commandment she said she would and knows that it will be better for her.
Another investigator who is 27 came to church and she loved it. She had gone with a friend to a different ward two weeks before and now she can´t wait to be baptized! She really needs friends and family and the ward is doing wonders for her. She is really nice and gets along with everyone and is impressed by how nice everyone is there. She talked a little more about a mission the last time we met with her. We are hoping and praying for her! She has a friend on a mission right now too so I think that has helped her out.

This week has been kinda cold at night and hot during the day. I guess winter is coming! Last year they had a little snow for three days so it does get down there but normally not much below freezing.
I dont know if I mentioned this before but there are tons of motorcycles here! Most are about 50 to 150 cc including the police! Ha-ha! It's pretty funny to see a couple of police on one bike maxed out going about 30 with the suspension maxed out! The other day I saw FOUR people on a motorbike! They probably could have gone faster if they walked but, ya, that's just how they do it here, ha-ha. I saw someone carrying a big birthday cake one a motorcycle one day too.
The other night we were on a dark street that was dirt and I landed perfecty in a mud hole! It's good I have two pairs of shoes! :) Did I mention I love my shoes! They are so comfortable! My feet never bother me and we walk a ton! If anyone needs shoes get Redwing work shoes!  There are tons of dogs here and when it gets dark I just can´t seem to stay away from dog poop... I stepped in it three times one right after the other this week one night. I was wiping it off while walking and slid right through another one! It provided a good laugh. We were on our way home so I didn't have to go in anyone else's house. It cleaned off nicely on the way home and I managed to dodge the rest! I don´t know how my companion misses them!
I was doig my laundry today and left the water on to fill it up when we went to lunch so, ya, when we got back there was water everywhere! It missed everything important and ran out the front door until the neighbor shut it off since the shut-off is outside. I spent the rest of my day cleaning that up instead of the bathroom. I cleaned half of the bathroom last week but it is so gross! Nobody else cleans anything including the dishes so the cockroach problem is unavoidable until I am living with just one mssionary instead of three others. I love them though! They are all very nice and fun to live with so the other stuff doesn't bother me.

I can´t believe next Monday is transfer day! Time is going by so fast! We are both hoping to stay here for at least one more transfer because we havee some people lined up for May and June for sure. Two are just waiting to get married. One is May 26th and the other June 1st, so after that we will baptize them.

I love you all so much!!!
Thank you for the letters!
Elder O

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