Sunday, March 6, 2011

From the MTC, Provo Utah

Wed, Feb 02, 2011
Thank you! Everything is going great here! I love it! lots of learning! Spanish is coming along but it's not the only focus. We are doing contacts and greeting people in Spanish and I am trying to expand my vocab a bit. We go to the temple every prep. day(Wednesday) then after that we have time to do email and other stuff till laundry at 3 and then we do a little service on site. It's busy but fun because of all the great people! I get to talk to the German kids in lunch line sometimes but most of the people are learning Spanish here. I saw Jordan Lamb a couple times. Mexico warmth sounds so nice right now! It is 0 today, I heard. The walk to the temple was kinda chilly! I haven't got my coat yet but since we don't spend much time outside it doesn't matter that much.
Thank you everyone for the letters!
I love you all! 
Elder Oczkewicz