Sunday, April 29, 2012

March 5, 2012     Tucumán    Argentina
This week was better but I am still getting to know the people and area(s) haha. I feel like I am getting to know it unusually fast so that might be the Lord helping me get to know it before my companion leaves. He will have been here for 7 months by the end of this transfer (April 2). Time is going so fast. It motivates me to try and do everything faster but actually we just have to work more efficiently. That’s one thing that can be deceiving in the mission because if we are doing something a good way and there is a way to do things better, we can be slow to change because Satan will tempt us not to progress.

This week we had some great experiences with different families. We have some investigators who are reading a ton but just aren't looking hard enough to receive a testimony. A few are in 2 Nephi and Alma and the end of 1 Nephi. It’s just they aren't sure yet. They all say they feel it’s true but maybe we haven't helped them fully understand what it means when it’s true. Others aren't going to church yet so we have lots of work to do.

It feels like in every area there are new challenges that you have to figure out how to get around and over. It's very interesting because I know it will happen but there is just something we have to learn first. As we continue searching together as a companionship what lessons we can learn, I am sure we will find out what they are with the help of the Holy Spirit. 

This week our president of the branch (one of them) asked us what we think he can do to help the ward get excited to fulfill their callings and have the desire to help in the Lord’s work. We mentioned the things which the area presidency had asked us to do in order to have the most success. So we should be working pretty closely with him for a while to get going in this area. The other presidency members are all converts in the last year and a half.

They are excited but feel a little overwhelmed (which I could imagine) since there are not enough priesthood holders to fill the needed callings. Basically there is alot of search and rescue to be done. I guess we will learn the best way to work together with the few people we have in the ward. 

Right now I live on the  Pasaje  cabildo (street) right by the universitario (university). The city from what I have seen is similar (more or less) to Cabo only here there aren't any huge hotels. Also here the big supermarkets are pretty rare. You get a couple but nothing like Home Depot. The other day we were walking down the street and this guy had a machine for making cinder blocks. It was this thing that when the form got set on the ground they would fill it up and then it would vibrate. Then when he hit a lever it lifted the form straight up so it wouldn't ruin it. There were few big rows of them drying. It was pretty cool to see. 

We went into the city a little deeper in order to find an ATM that had money in it. At the intersections there are no lights for people on the sidewalks telling them to walk or not. We found out nobody likes to wait either. That part of town was pretty upscale though because it actually had stop lights and not just a free for all. It had to have them though because they had 2 lanes coming and going from each side. 

Some guy walked up to the other missionaries and reached in the one’s pocket that had his cell phone and a little money while they were knocking a door. He turned around and the guy took off running. I guess he had just paid for a new cell phone recently and didn't want to pay for another and they took off after the guy yelling at him to stop! After running and catching up to him in a couple blocks the guy held the stuff out as he was running and when the missionary grabbed it and stopped the guy kept running. By now everyone was out of their houses watching at 9 in the morning and an old guy came up and asked what happened and they said the guy robbed them. He pulled out a gun from his pants and took off in the direction the guy was running. I guess the robber lives right there on those couple blocks and might not be liked by the neighbors now. Members 4 blocks away knew about it later that day just because news travels so fast in these neighborhoods. 

A missionary a little while back got robbed and the guy tried to stab the missionary but when the knife hit his stomach/garments it bent! It didn't go through the garments. And when the guy saw the bent knife he got scared and took off. I thought that was pretty cool. Heavenly Father really is watching over us here. I am grateful I haven't had any problems but I know that Heavenly Father is protecting us. It’s a great comfort to have him on our side. I have never really even gotten scared in the streets yet which I feel blessed for too. I always am trying to keep my eyes open for groups of people and or singles that walk toward us. I then go to the other side of the street. It has worked well. 
Well I better get going. I love you very much!

Take care!

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