Sunday, April 29, 2012

February  27, 2012   Tucumán    Argentina

My area now is the outskirts of a bigger city but it’s still not like a sky scraper city or anything. Not that I can see anyways. I have some dirt road area in my new area too. I guess it’s pretty dangerous but it seems less so than my last area and nothing ever happened there. Today on our way to the store a guy tried to stop us four missionaries in
the street for us to break a hundred peso bill. I never get money out in front of anyone in the street but my new comp had his out before we could say anything. He exchanged the bills and then when we got to the store and tried to use it he found out it was fake... so now we know how to look for that. He still has the bill for a reminder.

I got word from my comp that on of our investigators in my last area died of a heart attack at the age of 22... he was the son of the guy that died while we were at the house. He didn't quit drinking and smoking. It really took a toll on him. It was very sad to hear. That is the 3rd kid in that family to die and not including the dad...

My new apartment is tiny compared to my last one and the layout is kinda weird which makes it seem smaller but we get by with 4 there. We have small areas to study and no AC but the hot weather is coming to an end. At least the extremes.

We did divisions on Sunday so that my companion Elder Dempsey could go to church in the morning and I could go later in the day. It worked out well but we have to get more people to church. There were 20 in one branch, 30 in the other.
We stopped by a less active member and the guy said he knows it’s true and needs to come but the last time he came with his daughter who is a member the mom came and screamed at them at church in front of everyone telling them they can't go. She let two of her kids get baptized because they had a strong desire but now she has changed her mind a year later. The wife forced her son this last Saturday to get baptized in her church and he didn't want to since he was already a member of ours and still believed that it was true. The daughter got punched by the mom because she didn't want to get baptized... it’s been a hard time for the family but they really have strong testimonies. We’ll see how they can get over these problems which have only been getting worse. I left feeling super sad for them and for the mom and how confused she is and what it’s doing to their family. But it also made me so happy for the blessing I have in my life and my wonderful family.

So we found someone this week who stopped us in the street when we were
near their house looking for someone else. Supposedly she was dead for 7 days and then came back. We will find out more next time but it was a very good experience with them because they want to get baptized already.

Well I have to get going. Thank you for everything and I love you all! Say hi to Aleta Bray and everyone else! It is so true what you said about the mission. I think about how I would be progressing or at least the rate of progression if I hadn't come on the mission and it scares me! The mission is the greatest experience for my life or for the life of
anyone without a doubt!

Take care!
Love, Alex

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