Saturday, September 15, 2012

March 12, 2012    Tucumán  Argentina

We clap alot here (at people’s houses) unless the door is right at the sidewalk. One thing I have learned though is just to open up the gate and go to the door to knock it or ring the door bell. Alot of times it’s at the door beyond the gate so that random kids don't hit it as they walk by. But yes we clap most of the time.

I have had blood sausage here too. It is good but I like chorizo(spelling?) better. It’s pretty gross to watch them make it at the carniceria where you buy meats. They take seasonings and parts of meats and grind it all together and stuff it in the little intestines then tie it off every 4 inches and you buy it by the kilo. I don't like going to buy meat and stuff because the carniceria always smells like rotting animals. Maybe not that bad but I just stick to eating meat usually with members so I don't have to prepare it. haha

This week we were really focusing on getting references because we had been forgetting to ask in every one of our appointments and contacts. So we started thinking about it more and we started asking but it seemed that every time we got one, it ended up being an inactive person. I can only imagine that they are praying for help. Heavenly Father is watching out for his children who have made covenants with him. I was almost getting frazzled because every person we were introduced to by an investigator was an inactive. But it serves its purposes because instead of one person being helped we should be able to have more and more together listening. We even asked a few people whose doors we knocked and one of them told us across the street are living a couple kids 20 years old or so who could use a better path. So excitedly we went over thinking about how she had just said that one got out of jail recently. When we got there they said come in and told us they were both members and wanted us to come back and talk to their girlfriends so they could eventually get married in the church. They were a little drunk but they said they would be fine the next time we come so we are really excited at where the Lord is guiding us. One seemed alot more prepared and he had asked a missionary who was at his active sister’s house about 2 months ago to send the missionaries over to his house but they never showed up. So I am sure Heavenly Father was listening to his desires to change his life around. They both have a little kid so I am sure that is one reason they are thinking about things a bit more. We had some very good and tough experiences this week but we learned alot from all of them, so that's what counts! 
I love you all!


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