Monday, January 30, 2012

January 16, 2012    Tartagal   Argentina
Hola  familia!
Este semana tuvimos algunas muy buenas experiencias!
We couldn’t find a computer place that was empty until late because all the kids are on vacation and spend every bit of time in it!  Haha Anyways it will be short today.
But I first want to tell about our Monday last week. We had a plan but we doubted that it was going to work because the kid we were going to meet left town to go work in the mountains with his dad. Anyways my comp was thinking about going a totally different direction but didn’t say anything so we stuck with our plan to go to the boy’s house anyway so we could let her know a few things on Maxi´s progress and how we can help him more with her help. When we got there, there were two people outside with her who didn’t seem too happy but we greeted them. Then the sister asked if we were the missionaries she called a few minutes before. I said no but we were planning to stop in to ask a few things. She said “WOW!” (yes in English) “I just asked the missionaries (the other two in our branch) if they could come and they said maybe later because they had an appointment.” Anyways she took us back and we got to know them a little( they are Rocia (nephew of the sister) and Jorge her soon to be husband. She came down on the bus from Chaco, Santa Victoria (5 hours away) (dirt roads with big pot holes)(close to or on the border of Bolivia) because there is no hospital there and she lost her 3rd baby.
This one was the longest she was able to keep but still only made it 4 months old (prebirth). They were both devastated but when we talked to them and promised them that they have the opportunity to raise their kids and to live with them forever they both said they felt so much better. Everyone else had been saying that it was chastisement because of something they had done. But we told them that it was only part of God’s plan and sometimes we don’t understand all of it. Then sister Riveros (great testimony but less active) told them that it was probably because they needed to hear the gospel, that they really don’t have to worry about where the babies are because they go straight to heaven like we had just read in Moroni 7 in the Book of Mormon. They felt so much better and we left them with a Book of Mormon and the plan of salvation folder. Rocia said the closing prayer and it was wonderful! When we saw her the next day she was very happy and smiley along with her husband (soon to be). They had read part of Moroni 7 and said prayers and then we talked about the restoration and where the Book of Mormon came from. 
That was the last lesson we could have before they left to their little town where there is no church. It is so small and they all have farms and animals there. It would be so cool to go there but sadly I don’t think we can. They both said to Sister Riveros that they want to be baptized! We aren’t sure how it will work but we are hoping for the president’s permission to go up the river to their town and baptize them but the smarter thing is that they can come here. We are sending all the lessons and a couple Liahona magazines with  the sister when she goes up for their wedding this Wednesday.
One of the Liahonas has a story about the Galapagos Islands and how the gospel started there with just one family. They now have a church building and 120 people, and it’s growing there. We are praying that maybe they can help alot more come to know the gospel there and start church meetings there in the future. The closest now is about 4 hours from them but they will come here to be baptized with their family.
If you want to read the story on the Galapagos Islands it was in the August 2011 issue and is called in Spanish - Islas de Fuego y Fe: Las Galapagos. So in English it might be called (Islands of Fire and Faith: the Galapagos). Check it out! It was so cool and I read it about 6 months ago so when I thought of sending them with a Liahona magazine, this one came to mind! Might have remembered cause it looked like a place I would love to go to! haha boats and ocean :)
The number in church here is growing and growing! It was about 80 when I got here then it went up to about 90 average and now we just had 108 and 114 (this last Sunday) we all have the goal to make this a stake center. It’s a goal within the branch right now and the members are pretty excited. Our goal was 120 this week but now it’s up to 150 for the next week. The leap of faith! We need 130 people (at least) for 3 months and at least 15 priesthood holders paying tithing to make it a stake. It is so much more exciting to do missionary work when the whole ward has this goal on their minds. It’s also amazing the difference that it makes!
We played soccer and ping pong (in the church) today and had 25 people there. Only a few were members so we invited them all to the Family Home Evening in the church and they all want to come. The less active kids are excited for it because they see their friends wanting to go.
The truth cannot be kept from being spread. Even though sometimes the lies seem to spread faster, they never will win in the end! Heavenly Father has told us how it will be and all we have to do is do everything we can to help carry the work forward faster so that more people can receive the blessings  from it.
I love you all so very much and thank you for the letters and pictures.
Now I’m a little late! Hasta luego!

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