Monday, January 30, 2012

January 2, 2012

This week on miercoles I had a stomach ache pretty bad and felt like throwing up so I stayed in bed for a bit. Then it got better and we went out but it was really hot and I didn’t feel right. Anyways Thursday I started having the runs and still do a little but I’m doing alot better. I ended up with a fever on top of the little cold I started getting Tuesday. I was taking all the stuff for that until I got the fever. Should be wrapped up here in a day. I was drinking alot so I am not sure what I got it from. Some say its cause I ate a mango and my stomach isn’t used to them. Some say it’s a chili pepper I ate that is Argentine and "extra hot" so that had to have made me sick. haha I have eaten both mango and chilies here before and nothing has happened so who knows. I thought it might have been the chicken I ate for lunch. Oh well haha I have never gone so many times in a day to the bathroom though and that is when I am REALLY grateful for the bidet! Much nicer than TP!

Anyways onto more spiritual stuff!
2 weeks ago we gave a blessing to a baby in an inactive family and then we stopped by to see how it was doing and they were really happy! The baby hadn’t been eating hardly anything but now we can even see a difference in his skin color and size! The mom (Elsa 20) was really happy and came to church this Sunday with her 9 year old sister who isn’t baptized. She has 2 more brothers who aren’t members but who are going to come next time and who we are going to be teaching! They are a really nice family who I feel are going to progress very well! 
Our main focus now is to try and find the inactive families and work with them and their friends. I feel like it will work really well because we are already having success and it just makes the most sense. We haven’t had to knock doors for a long time! Just a couple but it’s a waste of time if you can work through friends and family.

I have to get going but thank you so much for everything and I love you all so much!

Love Alex Happy New Year! I slept through it! :) yours and mine :) haha

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