Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January 23, 2012    Tartagal   Argentina
Well I’ve got to makes this quick this week again...

Sunday we had planned to have about 20+ investigators at church with us but it rained and sadly, alot of the members who were supposed to bring them didn’t come. We still had 6 in church but they had the ac on so the people got pretty cold... room for improvement! We had one lady who had a baptism date for the 4th of February tell us she might not be there without us even bringing it up. This was interesting because alot of them don’t think about how important the decision to be baptized is. We are also working with her son now who wants to quit very hard drugs he is using... it’s a huge problem here but there are ways out of it for the people as long as they have a strong desire. One of the people we were teaching was found by his grandma passed out on the side of the road in the morning. I guess he is back on drugs too along with alcohol... it’s so hard to help these people when you can get almost any type of drug every couple blocks. Satan is really working hard.

At the same time the work is moving forward with alot of force here in Tartagal because the members are really getting more excited. We had about 80-90 people at the Family Home Evening activity on Wednesday night even after it rained a little that day! There were quite a few less active members in church on Sunday too which was a great feeling. One guy we have been working with for awhile drove by us with his family in the rain and stopped and picked up our two investigators we were walking with. It was pretty cool. It had just started to rain before church started so my companion and I were soaked by the time we got there. There were already about 9 people in the 5 seater car so we weren’t going to fit! haha! We weren’t far though.

Well I have to go!

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