Tuesday, June 14, 2011

May 30, 2011   Salta Argentina

We had another baptism this Saturday! On Friday, we went with them to the place where they marry people here. It takes place in the city hall and it's just one after the next. You have to sign up ahead of time and so they took the earliest time which was Friday at 10 am. It was different but it was great! We had a little reception after his baptism for the wedding and the baptism. It was really good! This Wednesday, we have another marriage in the morning at 10 and then on Saturday, Oscar will be getting baptized. His wife is very shy and isn't interested in the lessons right now but Oscar thinks that will change after a little bit. She will come to his baptism and so hopefully we will be able to set a time to meet with them both after that. The reason they have to be married first is because they are living together, and to complete the law of chastity, it is a requirement before baptism. On Sunday we have another baptism of a 9 year old girl whose parents aren't active but are letting her get baptized because the grandma takes her to church. The family is sealed in the temple and they are a great family so hopefully they will start coming again.
My companion baptized the person last week and this week, and I did the confirmations. Last week at the baptism, I started to not feel so well but I made it through. I had a rough night of many trips to the bathroom... I was feeling good the next morning and was still able to do the confirmation so that was nice. This baptism my companion was feeling crummy but he had spent the whole day in bed trying to get over whatever bug he had. It didn't pass as fast but we made it to the baptism and he was still able to get in the water.
Ciao Ciao!

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