Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 23, 2011   Salta Argentina
Wow! It's so great to hear that things are going well! Hopefully the sun will break through a little more. Don't take it all from me though!  haha!  It has been pretty nice as usual but I take my sweater with me everyday because it gets cold in the evening.
This last week was great! We had a baptism and she is pretty set on going on a mission! It's so exciting! She had my companion baptize her and me confirm her.
This weekend we have another baptism. They are getting married first though (Friday morning). It's a great feeling to help people make goals to keep the commandments! They have a son who my companion blessed on Sunday who is 4 months old. The dad (he is about 23) has had a pretty colorful background but is so excited to go to church and to prepare to raise his son in a good environment. He just got work and is working 7 days a week from 10pm till 8am. Church starts at nine so he waits at the church till then since his work is somewhat close and he rides his bike. He even wanted us to come over afterwards to teach him a couple small things that we hadn't yet. We will be going over them again cause he was pretty tired but what a guy!  
 We have another person getting married the following week and baptized on the 4th but he didn't make it to church the other day and missed his appointment with us... will see what happened because he was our second best investigator! He has read so much and has stuck with us for awhile waiting for the marriage date.
Elder Romney was my companion's companion before I got here and they found him!
Well, I've got to get going. 
Love you all very much!

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