Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 16, 2011   Salta, Argentina

 This week has been a busy one! So, pretty much the same as last week, haha. We eat alot of emenadas here. And this week I had some from a member with guinea pig in them! It was good. I didn't think it was chicken and often times the people tell us that rabbit is chicken when the kids are the table but I didn't think it was rabbit either. It was really good but it's hard to explain. Just another white meat...    The last time I had rabbit, I thought it would have been better if they had de-furred the thing before throwing it in the stew... it was good but I just tried to not look at it... as long as I didn't see the hair it didn't bother me.
It's amazing how many people are missing teeth here... they drink soda from the time they are born till the day they die - mainly because they have to buy the water they drink since out of the sink  isn't the safest. I geuss even more people are missing most of their teeth in Tucuman and Jujuy. They are poorer areas.
This week we have a 27 yr old girl getting baptized who is awesome! She just keeps reading and reading the Book of Mormon and you can really see how it has changed her life! It's such a great feeling. Her family is all over so she lives alone here in Salta and really feels a hole in her life in that area which the gospel/atonement has filled. The ward has been great for her and she has lots of friends already. She is one of two investigators who comes to church at 9 am. Alot of the members don't come till 10 or 11 and that is why the sacrament meeting is at 11 instead of 9 like it is at home.
We have another baptism this weekend for a 9 yr old girl whos parents are inactive.
The hard work is paying off and it looks like we should have a few in June too.
One family we are teaching is great. We just told the mom (who was still undecided) that we are there to help her out and answer questions and to keep teaching her. She accepted a new baptism date so we are going to continue working with her. We were teaching her husband and we asked her if she wanted to join us (this is when we first started teaching there) and she said yes. She later said that we were always so happy and she wanted to know what it was that we teach because we are happy. We know she felt the spirit at the end of our last leeson so we think that is why she wants us to come back. We are really hoping and praying for this family to follow through. The husband at least will be baptized next month.  
Love you all very much!

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